SEO Agency in Montreal – An Introduction to the Basics of SEO

A Short Presentation given at BNI Alliance in Montreal About the Importance of Short Term SEO Strategy

What to look for in an SEO Agency

In a previous article I wrote about being a Web Developer that’s versed in SEO, I mentioned how some web developers and SEO Agencies do not take care of some of the basics when it comes to SEO.  If you think that you may be in the need of an SEO Agency, then read on.

The problem often lies with the loss of translation between the SEO Specialist and the Web Developer, and this can happen in any size of SEO Agency or Web Design and Web Development company.  There are very few people that have spent years understanding web development as well as SEO, yet those two aspects of your online presence are inseparable and if they’re not working together, your website is not working for you.

There are very few people that have spent years understanding web development as well as SEO…

The Short Term (and Long Term) SEO Agency Strategy

In this short presentation at my BNI Chapter in Montreal, I provide an example using a volunteer in the audience, a Financial Planner in Pointe Claire, QC, to demonstrate how the basics of SEO often get overlooked.

While the small details that I cover in the short presentation may seem inconsequential, making sure that these small details are addressed makes all of the difference when it comes to reaching consumers and and potential clients.

Having many years of sales experience and 6 certificates covering various financial topics, I understand the power of compound interest.  What does 1 extra customer mean to your business?  It may not seem like much for the ‘price’ that you had to pay up front (depending on what your’e selling of course), but what does it mean for your business when you get a second customer the next month, and then another customer the following month?  What does it mean to your business if you are getting one new customer each month and then after one year, you have 12 new customers?  How will your business change when 2 or 3 of those new customers are so happy with your service that they refer to you to a friend or two of theirs?  How will your business look after a few years when this process starts to compound year over year and your business starts to spread like wildfire?  I imagine that the ‘Price’ that you had to pay initially for SEO work pales in comparison to the real gain of several hundred new customers.

Spending a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars with a great SEO Agency is really inconsequential when you’re serious about the long-term growth of your business.  In fact, just as in saving money for retirement, you are missing out on the biggest opportunity for the future growth of your business if you don’t start investing in your online SEO potential today.

Ultimately my goal with this short presentation is to open the eyes of many businesses to the power of SEO.  Don’t think of your website as just something to have because everyone else has one or that there’s nothing you can do to come up organically in the SERPs.  Think of your website as a tool that if properly maximized for SEO can work for you while you sleep, helping your business to get more leads and ultimately more customers.

If you’re business is in need of SEO work, please contact us today for a free review of your site and online presence.  There’s no obligation and we will be straightforward with you about any deficiencies and whether or not we can help.

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