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MAX Hosting


Hosting on a Virtual Private Server*
Site Transfer and DNS adjustment
Weekly Backups
Email Setup (5 accounts)**
Domain Name Transfer
Monthly Software/Plugin Updates
1 Hour of Technical Support
Globalsign Security Certificate


  • *Hosting on a Virtual Private Server (Most hosts put your site on shared servers with other businesses for whom you have no idea what they’re doing.  Includes 2GB of disk space, more than enough for most small businesses.  Each additional 1GB is an additional $1 per month.)
  • Site Transfer and Domain Name Server adjustment (To be done once:  Backup and transfer your sites files and database to the new server, adjust your domain’s pointers to point to the new server, testing.)  
  • **Set up email (for up to 5 email addresses, each additional email address is $10.)
  • Weekly site backups, one restore point each time period on a rolling basis.
  • Domain Name Transfer(If needed or wanted, we will transfer your domain name to our Registrar and include that service at no extra charge!)
  • Monthly software/plugin updates (WordPress, Joomla!, etc.) to be done at the beginning of each month.  
  • 1 Hour of Technical Support Each Month (Sometimes 3rd-party plugins and software break, we know all too well.  If while doing a monthly update we encounter a small problem, we will fix it for free… it’s all included in your monthly package.)
  • Install a Globalsign Security Certificate Every Year (Alpha SSL (Domain Validated)) (This is a dedicated SSL security certificate to make sure your customer’s information is encrypted. (https://). It serves two purposes:  1.  Encrypts form data.  2.  Makes your site visitors feel secure which adds to your credibility.)



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