What is the Best Web Host?

I built my first website about 17 years ago. Website technology has come a long way since serving static HTML in Frames but web hosts have not really kept up the pace. If you’re not aware many web hosts have been acquired by EIG (Bluehost, Hostgator and the list literally goes on and on… read the full list here). I’ve noticed that as these companies get purchased by EIG that the service falls pretty dramatically over time.

What is the Best Web Host?

For the last many years I stuck with Bluehost as their service declined but their service has gotten so bad over the years that recently I decided to try a new host, and a web host that I am now convinced is the best web host out there, PeoplesHost.

Before discussing PeoplesHost I’ll first give you some background and tell you how and why I stumbled upon PeoplesHost:

The problem I was having with Bluehost is that it takes a long time to speak to someone regarding VPS Hosting (I have or Had several VPS Accounts with Bluehost), and when I did finally speak with someone I was no better off than I was before.  The latest VPS account I started with them had DNS or IP problems and I was getting conflicting answers each time I contacted them to try and resolve the issue.  It was blatantly clear that the people I was live chatting with had no idea about WHM DNS settings, and whether or not their cPanel or the WHM had ‘authority’ over the DNS settings.  My expertise isn’t DNS so I have to rely upon my hosting company to help me with things like that on occasion.  But this wasn’t even a problem that I caused, this was just them not setting the account up properly in the first place!

That is just one of the bad experiences I’ve had with EIG companies, but I’ve seen it across their spectrum and with other hosts not owned by EIG.

The last time I was live chatting with someone on Bluehost, well as you can see from my Tweet here, it was just comical and I had to give up on them:


PeoplesHost is the Best Web Host!

After posting a couple tweets going from 10 minutes at the ‘top of the queue,’ 15 minutes, etc… I was contacted by a gentleman at PeoplesHost offering to schedule a phone call to see if he could help resolve my problems.

Being a web developer versed in SEO and after speaking in a conference call with a couple of people at PeoplesHost I was confident that they had the knowledge, expertise and customer service that I could depend on to move my VPS accounts from Bluehost to PeoplesHost.  The next day we did just that and my contact at PeoplesHost communicated with me as he migrated all of the VPS accounts and websites from Bluehost to their servers.  The process could not have gone more smoothly and the issue I was having with my last VPS account with Bluehost disappeared.  He set up my SSL certificates, email accounts transferred, forwarders, everything, and in only about an hour.

What’s better, the Linux and Windows VPS Hosting Plans at PeoplesHost cost less and are more powerful!  If you read my blog posts you will see that I don’t post often and I don’t think I’ve ever done a product or service review, but their exceptional service, something I have not seen in 17 years of hosting websites, has motivated me to write this post and endorse them wholeheartedly.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for their service or at least contact them.  If you need a transfer or migration help to move from your poor service provider (I know it is – 17 years of doing this), just send PeoplesHost an email and I am confident that you will be extremely glad you did.


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We very much appreciate this review and recommendation. Glad to bring you on board to PeoplesHost and see that you’re happy with our services so far!


My pleasure. It is a ‘breath of fresh air’ working with your company.

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